Hi there, Skinny Lovers! 

I'm so excited to hear you've booked your wedding with Skinny Love at Woodlands Estate Homestead & Gardens. I love to see couples who set their priorities, know what's important to them & are not afraid to be themselves. Knowing  you've booked your Skinny Love wedding, already I know you're my kind of people- brilliant! 

I'm looking forward to meeting you & capturing your celebrations! 

Thanks for checking in here. I've put together a collection of information I thought you might find helpful as you prepare to celebrate on April 7th


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Hello, I'm Brooke!

Since photographing my first wedding in 2005, I’ve built my business & captured a wide range of marriage celebrations; from small registry office affairs, second-time-’round celebrations & surprise elopements, weddings on beaches & those in churches, some atop tall buildings & others in the bush, in sunshine, before lunch & in cyclones, at home & in the evening, laid back events & chaotic ones. No two weddings are the same. I count it a great honour to not only document, but also witness these extraordinary moments in the lives of ordinary people.

I met my husband last century. He was my first real boyfriend & we married when I was still a teenager. Now we’re in our thirties, & while we’ve both changed, we still like each other most of the time (it certainly helps, as far I we can tell! ). I’m a photographer & musician while he’s a computer geek & author. Ours is a family of two & we fill our lives with books & friends, fun & food. Oh & I love riding my vintage mint-coloured bicycle!

Now you know something of my story. I’d love to hear yours!

Check out my work

My style is a combination of directed & unscripted natural moments, woven together to tell your unique wedding story. I really enjoy creating relaxed & natural portraits, when a couple feels like the best version of themselves, comfortable & connected. But my heart really lies in the honest, raw spontaneous moments; when guards are down & hearts are open. 

The documentary-based approach is built around a photography plan personalised to serve your priorities, with a good measure of adaptability so you can enjoy the day as it unfolds. 

All you need to do is be yourself. 

Before the wedding, help me understand your plans & what’s important to you. On the wedding day be fully present, in the moment. I’ll be right there with you, guiding you when you need it & capturing your day as it unfolds.


Planning your Group Photos

I have put together a this guide to help you as you think about group photos. It may not be applicable to you, but if you have guests coming do have a read.

Your Questions Answered

Will we have enough time for photos?

The Skinny Love have done great at pulling a team of professionals who are all really good at what they do. We are all working together, off the same timeline to support you & your fabulous memories of the day. Personally, I am used to working within a timeline & have the ability to adapt when needed. I have worked extensively throughout Woodlands, in all weathers so rest assured, you're in good hands. You'll notice I ask in the form about your preference for the photo setting - this will help me plan & allow things to run smoothly on the day.

What can we expect from you on the day? 

On your wedding day I am a friendly face; a good-natured & adaptable ally who’s got your back. I'm calm, friendly & encouraging throughout the event & during the photo session I'll guide you with posing & keep us running to time. 

We don’t know anything about posing!

It’s completely normal to feel a little apprehensive so I guide you with posing throughout the portrait session.  My goal is for you to look your best; natural, happy & feeling relaxed. You are welcome to contribute your ideas & sing out if something feels a little weird or not quite right for you.
The rest of the time, I’m seeking out the honest & lovely moments as they unfold. You & your guests being themselves; laughing, interacting, being yourself.

Do you edit the images?

My job is based around creating & delivering images that capture real emotion & tell the stories of how your day unfolds so I’m not interested in photos that look fake, heavily retouched or drenched with layers of filters. My editing process is light, bright & natural.
(That said, I’ve got your back so if you are cursed with an unfortunate wedding-day pimple right your nose, I’ll use the tools at my disposal to ensure you don’t have to be reminded of it!)

How many images do we receive? 

I'll be covering the 1.5 hours of your Skinny Love booking. You can expect around 60-80 images (all high resolution, ready for you to share, download & print). 



How are our images delivered? 

Your photos will be delivered as both a blog post and an online gallery, within 6 weeks of your wedding day. 
Your Blog Post is created to be shared with colleagues & acquaintances easily & without worry. 
Your Online Gallery is delivered to you directly so you decide how you share the images & with whom. All images are edited & delivered as downloadable printable high resolution jpeg images.

Can we chat before April 7th?

Yes! I'm happy to make a time to speak with you over the phone or skype. I'd love to hear a bit more about you & priorities. My number is 021 235 7976. 

Can we book a longer shoot?

Not on Saturday 7th but I have combined the concept of my Engagement Session with my Next-Day shoot to make a special offer just for Skinny Love couples:

Extra Skinny Photo Session

1.5 - 2 hours on either Wednesday 4th or Thursday 6th April for $300.
To book email me brooke@brookephotomagic.com