Second Shooters

Visual guide

One page Second Shooter shot-list 

Shots for Second Shooter

Guys getting ready

  • putting on waistcoat, jacket... tying the tie, doing up cufflinks, tying shoes
  • Just Groom Portraits (full length, thighs up, head & shoulders)
  • photos with grooms men (at Venue if short on time) as a group & each with Groom
  • special touches / details
  • drinks with the boys
  • Groom with family / significant people


  • little photo shoot of groom with his groomsmen
  • Wide establishing shots of the venue (Sign & frontage, ceremony, reception space)
  • Reception details (table decorations, finger print tree, candy buffet, games… anything other details you can find)
  • guests arriving


  • Groom’s reaction to dress/entrance
  • Guests faces & reactions
  • Wider context stuff (crowd through trees)
  • The Kiss
  • Move into place early & back for walk down aisle (try to shoot around Brooke, fine if she’s in some)

After ceremony

  • Shoot the hugs & celebration, candid moments (so Brooke can set up for whole group photo)
  • WHOLE GROUP 2ndtel directs, you shoot tighter on BRIDE&GROOM

Family/group photoslots to get through, help nominated person MC/appointed helper round everyone up & keep it moving.

Photo session

Alternate angles & help keep track & get thru list below

  • whole bparty
  • bride with girls …then with boys
  • groom with boys …then with girls
  • head shots of the bridal party
  • just Bride & Groom
  • close up of the rings …check other details?
  • Any SPECIAL requests


  • entering (reaction to dress- one photog to shoot from behind BRIDE&GROOM to get ppl’s faces)
  • Doco-style mix & mingle stuff

Details in context (ie focus on details with people in background)