I am working on creating an exciting booklet to super-charge my marketing; True Stories of Real Weddings. I know it's important to connect with engaged folks who might like to work with me, but I would also love to offer the inspiration & education that comes with the wonderful stories of Real Weddings.

The finished product will be a downloadable e-magazine, available to couple who make an inquiry with me. The resource will be free of charge, but they will need to register by giving me their email address (so you can rest assured it's not going to broadcast across the whole internet)

I would be grateful if you could complete as much of the form below... there may be some cross-over with the questions so feel free to skip anything which you've already mentioned or doesn't apply. You'll find it's only your names & the vendor list which are required. Please feel free to email me (brooke@brookephotomagic.com) with anything you find you're forgotten or which doesn't fit anywhere else.