As well as being a great photographer, Ruth is friendly & fun. I love shooting weddings with her at my side. 

Get to know a bit more about your Second Photographer, Ruth...

Last book you read: "Why do Iove these people" by Po Bronson, a book that addresses some really interesting concepts around family - would highly recommend!

Auckland or Wellington?  Wellington! I studied there and love the culture and the vibe.

What kinds of photos do you love to take? Photos of people that love each other.

Ruth with her hubby.

Ruth with her hubby.

Hot or cold... I used to think hot, but am sitting in 30 degree heat typing this and its not a good time, so cold it is!! 

The hardest thing I've ever done... is say goodbye to my grandfather before I went to live overseas because I knew he wouldn't be there when I returned.

Childhood or Adulthood? Adulthood because you have more autonomy over your life but you can still embrace some of the perks of childhood. 

Most treasured wedding day memory from your wedding:   Oh thats a good question! I feel as though the 'right' answer would be walking up the aisle or during vows, but to be honest it was at the very end of the night when everyone else had gone home and we were left with just a few family members and a bunch of our closest friends that we've known since I was a baby. Just being with them and having them send us off was great. 

On weekends when I'm not working, you'll find me... Starting the day at the gym then coffee or brunch at a cafe with friends/family. We have a 9 month old baby so enjoy 'quieter' evenings now, so watching a movie or a good TV series with the husband. Family time with him and our daughter, Ruby.

Sweet... YES! 

Savory... Also YES!! 

Favorite board game: Settlers Catan or Ticket to ride Europe- anything that requires strategy =)

Biggest wedding day boo-boo from your wedding: This didn't happen on my wedding day, but two months before when we were packing invites I accidentally got a few of the reception/ceremony invites mixed I ended up inviting people to the reception that were only meant to be invited to the ceremony. Oops! It eventually resolved itself but was a bit stressful and slightly awkward!! 

First movie you saw at a cinema: I was about 8 years old and it was 101 Dalmations. It was scary.

Essential ingredients to a great photograph? Good light, good compositions and moments. For me a good moment trumphs light and composition but if you have all three in one image you are onto a win!! 

Home or Away? Because my office is at home sometimes I find it hard to rest at here, so away.

As a kid I wanted to be anything creative, on my list was makeup artist, florist, photographer. 

River or Beach? I love the beach but there is something nice about fresh water too - especially now I have a baby and sand becomes an issue (sand in hands in eyes is not a good time)

Quiet time or party time?  Ooooh for most of my life I would have said party time, but the more I live with an introvert (my husband) the more I find myself valuing quiet time too. So fifty fifty for me!

If I wasn't a photographer I'd probably be teaching photography 

Shaken or stirred? Shaken like a polaroid picture - Dad Joke?

Inside or outside? Outside, preferably in the sun or somew where with a view