The best meal you've ever cooked: I make a mean mushroom risotto

Last book you read: #girlboss

Auckland or Wellington? Wellington

What kinds of photos do you love to take? People...I photograph people!

Hot or Cold: Hot

The hardest thing I've ever done is leaving South Africa, because of leaving family behind

Childhood or Adulthood? Adulthood

Most treasured memory from your wedding day: My wedding day itself...the entire day was awesome!

On weekends when I'm not working, you'll find me... at home, chilling with my family

Sweet or Savory: Savoury

Favorite board game: Card against humanity

Biggest wedding day boo boo from your own wedding: Not having a professional photographer

First movie you saw at a cinema: The little mermaid...still my fave!

Photography- job or way of life? I think, for me it's both... I love it, so it seems less of a job

Home or Away: Home

As a kid I wanted to be an Air hostess when I grew up so so I could see the world. (Only trouble was I was too short...still am!)

River or Beach? Beach

If I wasn't a photographer I'd probably be a hairdresser

Shaken or stirred? Stirred

Inside or outside? Inside