I believe great images can tell stories & stories connect people.

I’m excited about I how my photography can make a difference in the world, whether we find a discount option or pro-bono arrangement, why don't you send through an application & let's can start a discussion. 

Great photography can make a difference, do great things & make the world a better place. Great photos can change lives. 

It’s good sense

Use the form below to tell me about your charity or non-profit organisation, the images you’re after to update your website, advertising or support a funding application. Maybe you’re working on a community project, a good cause or need some help documenting or celebrating a special person or rare event.

Whatever your good thing you’re up to, you’re invited to tell me more & apply below, I’d love to hear your story. Please remember to include your contact details so I can get hold of you to find out more or make a plan.


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