Registry office love
& Elopements*

If you are after something simple
I can cover your exchange of vows
& a mini photo session... or opt to include photography with your nearest & dearest for celebratory drinks.

Just Brooke, starting at 1.5-2hrs 
Available offpeak* dates only

& Intimate*

Small weddings & quiet vow renewal ceremonies are special & unique.
Talk to me about how I can cover the proceedings & the party-time as well as a quick, relaxed portrait session.

Just Brooke OR + 2nd photog, 
Available offpeak* dates only

Full wedding day

Once you've picked the right marquee  for your place or booked the wedding venue you love, & it's time to
talk photography...
With a timeline tailored to suit your priorities, I shoot with a second photographer to give you a broad documentation of the day.

Consider having photos first or roll with a more traditional approach. 

Brooke + 2nd photog
Summer prices start from $2800
Ask if you qualify for offpeak options

*Offpeak = any day that is not a Saturday in January, February or March