Hi there, I'm Brooke!

I’m one creative & optimistic human, loving my life based in Hamilton, New Zealand. I feel invigorated by collaboration, so I spend as much time as I can making things & exploring ideas with others. Many of my interactions centre around living a vibrant life, making music & fostering community. You’ll find I also get excited connecting with interesting humans, enjoying food & adventuring too.

I hope my photography & stories inspire you to be yourself, seek more stories & explore the world around you.

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My Philosophy

I believe your wedding photography experience should be enjoyable, you should feel comfortable & free to be yourself. When you look at the images in years to come, I want you to recognise yourself & for the feelings that spring up to be genuine, meaningful & real. Your favourite wedding photo doesn’t have to be posed to be perfect.

I love to work with couples who value photography, & don't want to choose between amazing photos & time celebrating with guests. I enjoy creating relaxed & natural portraits, when you feel like the best version of yourself; comfortable & connected. But my heart really lies in the honest, raw spontaneous moments; when guards are down & hearts are open.

People are amazing & unique; I've never met one quite like you. Hearing your stories & being welcomed into a crowd of your biggest fans is very special. Being tasked with freezing time to capture the loveliest milliseconds of a landmark day in your history is a rare honour.

My Approach

My wholehearted approach & documentary style come together to deliver bright, natural, joy-filled images for everyday people.

The documentary-based approach chronicles an event as it occurs. For me, this translates to understanding your timeline & priorities, using a combination of directed & unscripted natural moments, woven together to tell your unique story.

My wholehearted approach means I engage with a generous measure of warmth, good humour & adaptability so you feel supported & encouraged to enjoy the day as it unfolds.


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